Buying process

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The Home Buying Process: A Comprehensive Guide

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Top 5 Stages of Consumer Buying Process

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7 Steps of the Home Buying Process

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The home buying process consists of several steps that begins with something as simple as checking your credit, and ends with signing a mortgage and moving into a new home. Consumers should do due diligence and be aware of their rights when it comes to mortgage-shopping, and should utilize home-buying checklists to prioritize the amenities and features of the home they'd like to purchase.

You’ve made the decision to buy a new home. Congratulations! The first step is to contact your local Coldwell Banker agent to begin the home buying process. A buying process is the series of steps that a consumer will take to make a purchasing decision. A standard model of consumer purchase decision-making includes recognition of needs and wants.

Buying Process Defined A buying process is the series of steps that a consumer will take to make a purchasing decision.

A standard model of consumer purchase decision-making includes recognition of needs and wants, information search, evaluation of choices, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation.

Buying process
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Home Buying Process