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The analyses and opinions on our site are our own and our customers and staff writers are instructured to handle editorial integrity. Party like no other!. Buy an extended car warranty and stop paying for unexpected car repairs! Other auto warranty companies can't compete with Warranty Direct's customer satisfaction, rating and reviews.

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The Best Extended Car Warranty Services of Why Buy an Extended Car Warranty? Best Overall – Autopom. This is the first time I've reviewed extended car warranties, so I approached this review from the perspective of a potential buyer. After all, I put a lot of miles on my car and I've spent close to $5, in my lifetime on.

Direct Buy is an auto warranty service provider based out of New York, USA. The company provides comprehensive extended auto warranty plans and services to its customers across the United States. Direct Buy provides exceptional customer service with an average claim response time of hours. It always strives to offer its customers fast solution to help them quickly get back on the road.

Buy an extended car warranty and stop paying for unexpected car repairs! Other auto warranty companies can't compete with Warranty Direct's customer satisfaction, rating and reviews. Direct Buy Warranty reviews: Possible Fraud! Direct Buy Warranty - Car Warranty Review.

Direct Buy Warranty Customer Care Review. Total Scam. Direct Buy Warranty Is a scam. Short Review on June 27, Direct Buy Warranty - Review in Service Centers and Repairs category from Riverdale,/5(52).

Net Direct Certified Our expectations go beyond your own. We believe the quality of our inspection and reconditioning process delivers a “like new” car experience, providing the certainty that we offer the highest quality used vehicle available.

Direct buy auto warranty customer reviews
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