Reducing healthcare cost

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11 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare

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5 Ways We’re Bringing Down the Cost of Health Care

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Co-released with The California Endowment and The Urban Institute, this document describes how investment in primary prevention can lead to improved health and health care.

Technology can reduce the cost of healthcare through more efficient - Diagnostics of the patient (eg. DNA testing) - Monitoring the patient (eg. sensors) - Medical procedures on the patient (eg. surgical instruments) - Reducing care cycles (eg.

11 Ways to Save Money on Healthcare

infection control products, temperature management) - Coordinating care resources (eg. IT medical records). The Academy should continue to educate physicians concerning the issue of medical liability risk management in an effort to reduce the incidence of medical liability suits.

The Academy should also. There is increasing evidence that wellness and disease management programs can improve patient health and reduce costs. For example, a recent study monitoring a community-based diabetes management program demonstrated an 18% reduction in per participant claims costs after 2 years and a 39% reduction after 5 years.

Thus, the most effective strategy for reducing costs and improving the health of the population is developing and supporting community strategies that involve all stakeholders, using accurate and actionable data to change all aspects of care delivery.

Reducing Use of Low-Value Services Cuts Healthcare Costs

“Efforts should be made to prioritize health-care cost containment and reduce the rate of medical utilization while improving health-care quality and empowering consumers.” Many small businesses have experienced premium increases and more regulation since .

Reducing healthcare cost
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Reducing Healthcare Cost